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Building Strong Marriages

Living Well in Marriage Blog

Strong marriages do not just happen!

Marriage takes work. But it should also be fun.

We encourage couples to take steps to strengthen their marriages.

      • Daily: connect face-to-face at least 15 minutes each day, check the emotional fuel gauge of each other.
      • Weekly: have a date, just for fun, just the two of you (no kids, friends, or family)
      • Yearly: get away for a few days by yourself
      • Marriage builder: at least once a year do something (class, read book together, conference, retreat) aimed at stregthening your marriage.

Be alert to what is happening in your marriage. Don't wait until you are in a crisis to see help. Seek guidance to take your marriage to the next level.

You can have a great marriage!

Ed and Donna give guidance couple-to-couple to strengthen marriages. They also teach classes and conferences on marriage enrichment topics (Living Well in Marriage, Marriage Tune-up, Energizing Your Marriage, Developing Intimacy in Marriage, Marriage Talking Points, Conflict Resolution).


For more resources and a listing of marriage events in Oklahoma, see Marriage Network Oklahoma website.

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